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Sniper Guard: Prison Escape


YOU ARE THE SNIPER GUARD ON DUTYYou are the ultimate weapon against the escaping revenant prisoners, and it’s your duty to stop them with your 3D sniper. Don’t let any revenant prisoner escape from jail or else there will be a big problem! Equip yourself with the most modern latest 3D sniper shooter weapons! Sniper Guard: Prison Escape will be the best simulator to train your aiming skills!READY.. STEADY.. AIM.. SHOOT!With your ultimate 3D sniper shooter weapon you are nearly unstoppable, can you stop all the escaping revenant prisoners in time, do you think you can stop the 40 waves of escaping prisoners? Take out the revenant prisoners with well placed shots in this sniper shooter game, or maybe use some explosive rounds instead! You don’t want to miss any shot or you will be able to lose your job!
HOLD BREATH AND PULL THE TRIGGERThe prison is based in the desert, but the revenant prisoners are still trying to escape from the prison! Buy 18 different 3D sniper shooter weapons and upgrade them with better scopes and silencers, you will be the bad ass sniper guard on the field, and you won't sleep until all the escaping revenant prisoners are stopped in Sniper Guard: Prison Escape!

SNIPER GUARD: PRISON ESCAPE - GAME FEATURES: - Enjoy realistic gun simulation and animation in this sniper shooter game- 10 levels and 40 challenging waves to accomplish- Lots of 3D sniper weapons to buy and upgrade- Realistic 3D prison environment
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